Scenar Treatment

Scenar treatment isn’t well known, but should be!  It feels a little like a Tens machine, but it’s completely different – put simply, it encourages the brain to repair the injury, instead of ignoring it or doing a patch job.

It was developed to help Cosmonauts maintain their health in space and it’s very popular in Australia and Russia.  The Scenar machine can be used in all sorts of ways, but the main result is the same.  It uses nerve pathways to remind your brain that there’s an injury it needs to heal, whether muscle, skin or bone.  That healing time is much quicker than if left to heal itself, while you’re stuck on painkillers or on a waiting list) and brings your body back to balance.

The quicker I can start treatment, the better.  Often if I can see an injury in the first 72 hours it reduces healing time dramatically.  Remember, the longer you’ve had an injury, the longer it will take to heal – but doesn’t mean it won’t.  Most people initially come to me with an issue after they’ve tried everything else, often months after the issue started.

Scenar can be used on all ages and usually offers some relief straight away. Some issues may require only one session, some will benefit from repeated sessions, but I’ll talk you through when I see the issue and understand how it responds.

An idea of how Scenar can help:

> Sprained ankle usually well on the road to recovery in 10 days, with 2-3 sessions. The first session we’d bring out the bruising and tape for drainage.  The second session would work on further draining to really help the ankle bounce back.

> Digestive and neurological issues including IBS and migraines, with relief of stress and other issues

> Broken collarbone can take 18 months to heal on its own.  A course of Scenar treatment could bring it down significantly, especially if seen within the first 72 hours of injury.