About Me

Helping people live easier lives

Since I started my very first course I realised I can help people to live a better life.  With many different techniques under my belt, I work with all sorts of injuries and conditions to help alleviate pain and increase mobility. Some treatments will help speed up healing, some will ease stress; all will help you with your pain, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to go.

If I knew all those years ago what I know now, I wouldn’t have had surgery.

Back in 1992 working in an office at a desk, I helped move some stock around and a classic bend-and-twist injury that day resulted in a prolapsed disc.  I was prescribed very strong painkillers and after 18 months of pain, I finally saw a surgeon who would operate.  In those 18 months I couldn’t drive, couldn’t walk up stairs, couldn’t work while the pain got worse and worse. I had a discectomy and about a year of recovery – a long road to say the least. 

When I returned to work it wasn’t the same, I came back to a different role and was still recovering.  I needed something to stretch my brain, so I took a Swedish massage course at the local college – and LOVED it. 

That course kickstarted my passion for healing and led to many more courses.  My clients led me down different paths as they asked about mobility or conditions and my learning grew from there.  I have had some amazing teachers and experiences in my time, which all help me to help my clients now.  It also meant I’ve learnt many methods to help ease the pain and increase movement – knowledge I could have benefitted from so I didn’t have to spend all that time spaced out on painkillers or in surgery.

So why me?

That first operation meant I had to have a follow up in 2008, this time spinal fusion.  A bigger op should mean a longer recovery time, but this time I had all that knowledge and recovered much quicker than before. I even spend my working day standing now!

I know what it’s like to feel the fear and not know what the consequences could be.  The worry of not being able to drive the kids to school or bring the shopping in from the car.  Wondering when you’ll next be able to travel, or just be pain free. 

Everything I’ve learnt, from hot stone massage to deep tissue to reiki, can be blended together to give you the best possible result.  

I can help allay those fears and work with you, to give you a plan and a timeline – to ultimately make life worth living again.